Conferences Materials

Contained on these pages are teachings God gave me to share with the Body of Christ as I travel this amazing world God has made. They have been birthed out of pain, loneliness, criticism, misunderstanding, and loss. They have been birthed out of sitting long hours on planes and trains waiting in silence, still and quiet, not knowing what is ahead or around the next bend. They have been birthed out of walking in the unknown, stepping into darkness, and into faith while all the time knowing God is leading me this way.

My desire for you is to walk this wondrous wilderness way of great life. At first inspection we see a barren place where seemingly no life exist. But with closer inspection and as we open our spirit, heart, and lives to His Spirit, allowing God to bring His dealings and judgments into lives, we discover His intentions for us. It is a place where we learn. It is a place where He answers our questions. It is a place where we learn to lean on Him , “Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved.” (Song of Solomon 8:5) It is a place where we discover God and His ways.

Please feel free to share this material at your church or with others. What you do not have is the margin notes God has worked into my life. If the Lord ever leads me by way of your church, you will already have the lessons well in advance to review, translate, or print to hand out for the conference. My intention is to share what God has given me. There is no ownership to truth, it must be given away. Please take time and prayerfully review each of the teachings, if you do I feel sure they will open your eyes to the great life that exist within the pages.