Prayer: Endurance

LESSON 8 of 9


A. We cannot convince God all the time to do for us want we want when we want it.  Just because we can do it once or twice we think this should continue or.  Paul tried it.  The word “given” is translated “gift”;


B.  What a gift from God.  We would do whatever we could do to get this off our back.  Cast out Satan, do whatever it took to convince God to take back His gift.  This was a big deal to Paul to the point God had to directly speak to Paul.


C.  Jesus in Matthew 4 waited until verse 10 to tell Satan get thee hence.  Jesus did not try to kill him, nothing. We would have tired to bind him or cast him out, whatever we have to do to get Satan gone, but Jesus did not do that.  Jesus did not attempt that, he accepted, He was willing to walk in what the Father wanted for Him, for as long as the Father wanted Him to walk in it.


D.  The will of God is amazing so many things, but the very best thing for our lives.  Often times, in the will of God, we begin to go under, by not being willing to walk in the will of God,  and God must recuse us or lose us.  And we think because God has delivered us so we have succeeded, but in reality we have failed.  We have failed by not going through what God desires for us to go through, not being molded and conformed into the image of Jesus, not willing to trust in God grace.


E.   Thinking they have succeeded because they get out of their discomfort, but it is failure.  Success is found in and only happens in the will of God.  Anything outside the will of God, even if God is doing it, is failure.  God does not always get what He wants, look at Adam.


F.  So we need to be willing to walk in the will of God and when God is not convinced by us we do not need to get upset and know we have succeeded when God says no.  Now if we pester and push God to say yes, after He has said no, we have failed.


G.  Beseeching also has to do with requesting or supplication. Where there is a response from in a situation, or we give a reaction.  God wants to teach us to make the right reaction or response.  Jesus said,


H.  God desires to teach us that our life with God is not totally involved with praying, but through the praying much will come out in different areas of our activity in the kingdom of God.  To bring us into this, to teach us to be active, so that our response, our reactions should be what they need to be coming out of our life of prayer.


I.  Jesus did not instruct them to pray to send forth labors into the vineyard, but to look unto the filed and then He expects our response,  You look and now you can give that response.  God wants us to be aware.  He wants our spiritual awareness to increase so that we can move in His will and how to join in all of this.


J.  So that we become an expression of God.  Giving what God wants you to give as a result from a response or reaction to a condition that you have seen, know, and understand that comes and now God is getting what He wants in all of that.


K.  In Luke;  The word “always” means in every fitting situation.  We are to give the correct response in every situation and circumstance God wants.  For this to happen God must train us in this response.  If we would know God’s intentions it would be so easy to beseech God’s will.  But, we get off on our own things beseeching God.  But in every situation God wants a certain response.


L.  To be trained in the righteousness of God is to walk right in the eyes of God, to do right.  God is after our total life to be a correct response, our reaction and action is righteous.  Without knowing we are right.  It is God in us he builds in us His righteousness to where we just do right.  God wants to train us inn His righteousness, so we can do right, live, it becomes automatic.


M.  Again in Luke, Jesus did not pray for Peter, it was a reaction to the Father in form of a request because of what He saw relating to Peter, “Father, do not let Peter’s faith fail.”  Not a prayer but a request to the Father for Peter, so everything ahead for Peter and the disciples does not fall apart.