Prayer: God’s Results

LESSON 9 of 9


A.  So this is how our communion, union, and moving into the heart of God, all of that now brings us into harmony with God with in these responses and reactions, determined by how much we get into God through prayer.  The more we get to the heart of God in prayer the more on cue and in the will of God will be these responses from us as we see in the spirit what is going on.


B.  We just learn to move and respond and react like Him as come into union and harmony with Him.  That habitual communion brings us into all of this and all coming out from us is a result  of that fulfillment of the union, like our children are a product of our union. In producing what God wants produced.


C.  This is why this important for us.  This is why God makes a way for us through prayer into His heart.  He wants this uniting so we become what God wants us to become and our reactions and responses are an expression from God.  An expression of God.  If God is speaking in wrath, then we will speak in Godly wrath.


D.  If we can lay aside our ongoing own expression and desires God can take us to Himself and make us an ongoing expression of His desires.   Our action and reactions become automatic, then we become God’s expression automatic.


E.  In Philippians, why does God want us to ask?  Why ask?  He knows what we need before we ask, so why ask?  God has berthed many children and He is training them, He is making them to grow.  Because he wants them to be involved in His Kingdom with Him.  This is His intention when He created Adam, this was God’s intention for man, to be involved.


F.  When God berths one into His kingdom His intention is to totally involve them.  Not to only get them into the kingdom, but to involve them.  And so we are being trained, that is why we must ask, trained to walk and work with God as one with God.


G.  All training beings on a lower level.  We are trained in our asking developed to come in line more and more with the will of God.  God does not need our asking, but God wants us involved, He must train us. When we first come into the kingdom we think we are fit to rule and reign, well all we are fit to do is make a big mess of things and have another clean up our mess.  God must pamper us, give us some sugar.


H.  But God is making us fit.  God is training us so we come in line with the will of God in all of our asking, so that our asking is apart of our training.  We line up with God, we can see were we make mistakes and are corrected, so our asking comes away from ourself and more and more lines up with God.  Practice in asking being one with Him.


I.  This earthly experience is just OJT the real stuff is coming later. Adoption is the Bible has nothing to do with our English word, adoption.  We are berthed or redeemed in a family so that we MAY be adopted.


J.  What Paul is talking about is bringing a son into responsibility in the business and the household of a young man after years of training with tutors and teachers, now they have this adoption.  A big feast for three days, a time of rejoicing because now they can adopt their son who was born into their house.


K.  This means the parents are going to set him up publicly as a responsibility member of the family.  The parents bring their son in to the business after the training and God will do the same thing to us.  After training God will set us into responsible places and positions, we will have been trained to ask in the will of God, to react in the will of God, to live righteous  so what we do will be right, we’ll be trained that way.


L.  It will not be an intellectual training, but a spiritual training that gets into our spirit, it will become part of us that uniting will be real uniting, so God and us “become one”. This was Jesus’ prayer (communion) in John 17.  He then, in ages to come, can put us into responsible places and positions where He does not have to tell us what to do, He has already trained us.  We know what to do, we do right.


M.  Moving as a working part of the kingdom involves a lot more then what we can think of now.  Heaven is not the end it is the beginning.  We have not started yet, we are in training, so while in training do it right.  Be wiling to go with God into your death so God can bring you into resurrection in which there is a fulfillment of God allowing us to move in God as He wants us to.


N.  If we walk in that pathway of communion with God He will make us what He wants us to be.  Many believers for the want of their desires here on earth miss out on the entire projection through out all of eternity for their lives.   Because they simply wanted their way for a few years.  We must fall into the ground and die so God can get the production He is after.