1.       Obedience is a foundational spiritual principle.


2.       As faith is the principle by which we obtain life, so obedience is the principle by which that life is lived out.


3.       The problems facing us in our day are due to men living outside of the authority of God.


4.        True service is initiated by God, and when man serves under God’s authority he is thereby accepted.


5.        If men are to serve God subjection to authority is an absolute necessity.  Obedience transcends our works.


6.        Never be so foolish as to think of yourself as almighty.


7.        Whoever is gifted has a ministry and whoever has a ministry has authority.


8.        Most people want God’s direct authority, but God wants to set up indirect and delegated authority for them to obey.


9.        How peaceful it is to accept the restraints of God.


10.      To obey is natural; to disobey is difficult.


11.      God looks for heart obedience.


12.      Rebellion usually manifest itself in words, no matter how light or heavy these words are.


13.      All who hearken to God’s direct authority, but reject delegated authority are nonetheless operating in rebellion.


14.      Two things cause Christians to lose their power: sin and reviling authority.


15.       Those who can not control their words can not control themselves.


16.       As soon as we meet God our mouth will be under restraint.


17.       Human reason is the first cause of rebellion.


18.       If we desire to serve God we must not argue.


19.       When God exercises authority He has no need to consult us.


20.       The way to know God is through obedience.


21.        Man’s rebellion is basically in his thoughts (plans, intentions).


22.        Only the authority of God can take every thought captive to obey Christ.


23.         Those captured by Christ are ready to accept God’s thoughts.


24.         God does not look at how skillfully we preach the gospel or how willingly we suffer for him; He looks to see how obedient we are.


25.         God must rule; men must not give counsel.


26.         If God does not call you why should  you strive.


27.         Proud and talkative people are not able to hear God only the meek and quite.


28.         If God give revelation authority is established.


29.         Revelation is the evidence of authority.


30.          We must know ministry comes from resurrection and resurrection comes from God.


31.         Whenever we depend on God we have authority.


32.         A Christian is concerned with feeling, not reasoning; they deal with truth not with the facts.


33.        Learn to humble our self  under the mighty hand of God.


34.        Learn to wait and to be humble before God.


35.        Jesus was not primarily concerned with the cross, He was occupied instead with doing His Father’s  will.


36.        Unless a man is broken life cannot be released.


37.         The one who senses their incompetency is the one God gives His authority.


38.         May God deliver us from high-mindedness.


39.         The path for us is obedience not authority; it is to be servants, not to be heads; to be slaves, not to be masters.


40.          Loneliness is a mark of authority.


41.          The opposite of holiness is commonness, not sin.


42.          To be in authority requires restraint; one must sanctify himself.


43.          Holiness means that others may, but you may not.


44.          He who is sanctified is God’s servant; he who is not sanctified is a common person.


45.          The higher the office the stricter are God’s demands.


46.          The higher the authority the greater the separation.


47.           To represent authority is to represent God; and to be in authority is to be an example to all.