Prayer: Beseeching (Asking)

LESSON 7 of 9


A.  “Beseech” (#3870 parakaleo) one who pleads another’s cause with one; to convince; to persuade; and convict of sin.  Both words are translated the same and are same in meaning.


B.  The leper was attempting to persuade Jesus to heal him.  The leper knew Jesus could heal him, because he heard and saw, he was totally convinced Jesus could, but he was not convinced Jesus would heal him.   I know you can, but will you.


C.  His faith in His approach was in His ability of Jesus to heal him.  Our faith is easily put into the ability of God.  There is no question about the ability of God.  God can do anything He wants to do.  Nothing in God should amaze, because God can do anything.  But can we put our faith in His willingness to do something right now is the question.


D.  So God wants to move us in alignment with what He wants rather then His ability.  We can not follow His ability, it is so vast.  But His will for our lives we can accurately follow in that and experience the ability of God as it relates to us, and not someone else.  What does He want? What does He want from you?  What does He want you to do?


E.  The leper was not sure of Jesus’ will.  He was not convinced, but He pressed in; In prayer all we really need from God is, “I will” and then we know exactly how to move, exactly what to do, how to act.


F.  If God gives us the word then we move on the word knowing we are in the will of God.  Knowing faith comes with the word from God.


G.  Often times we don’t sometimes know about the will of God. we have trouble knowing the will of God.  If God does not tell us we must not try to guess and follow after that guessing, or we’ll fall into a ditch.  We need to relax and allow God to speak to us.


H.  Also often times we get into trouble seeking after God’s will.  God should I do this or that?  God is the boss; we need to allow God to call the shots, and not ask Him just move in what He is giving us at that time.


I.  As we begin this wondrous Christian walk we are after something;  The key of receiving.  The key is not, is He able, but is He willing.  And, if we do not get the answer we are looking for, we then go into a tether whether it is or is not God’s will, because we are looking to receive.


J.  We should not want to receive anything from God.  Do you know God can alot without money?  We can not eat money or wear it. Many think God is tied to our money.  Often times God will link Himself with our money for us to give and help spread the gospel, in order to get from our heart the habitual giving and sacrifice He wants.


K.  God will give to us as He wills and that will be all sufficient.  He is able to give us 20,000 DM a month  if He wants, He is able.  But we must move in the will of God and we see His suffienecy.  We will never get a better view of God’s faithfulness then from the bottom of the barrel.  Do not worry about hard times you will be able to see God better than in good times.


L.  We must not get upset as He does His will in us.  Many think Satan has attached them when they are in the will of God.  Satan has nothing to do with it, we are just walking in the will of God, to know Him and see Him.  Oh, that He may show Himself to us.


M.  Often times we can approach God not knowing if it is the will of God, but knowing God can come across if he wants to, and we move in it and sometimes we hit God’s will, but most often we miss it.  But sometimes we hit it and God says “I will” we get so tickled and blessed.  And if this becomes a pattern and/or habit we get all bend out of shape when it does not happen.