This book is full of Adventures with God.

It is filled with my life experiences in God over the last nine years. It is our life experiences God uses to reveal His nature and character to us and to conform us into His image. It is our life experiences, our adventures God uses to glorify Himself through us and to have His glory manifest upon the earth in us. In all of this glorification God has a purpose and intention; it is a qualifying and an approving by us to be able to receive yet greater glory from Him. This book is about losing so that others may win. It is about sacrifices and joys, dangers and splendor, it is about death and life, the life that I have allowed God to work in my life. It is about death to my selfish and self-centered ways. It is full of many hopes and fears, many lessons I believe I have learned, and a knowledge of God that will enable me to be productive in my next life-age to come. After all this is what this Christian life on earth is all about. It is not about doing and working, but it is all about becoming and knowing. Many Christians in the church today seem to be trapped in the working and doing part of serving God, but this comes far short of what God really expects. We can do all for God and never know Him. How could this be? Well my friend come along with me for a few Adventures with God and find out. Beware the road is long and hot, not for the faint of heart, courage is required and most of all obedience and integrity will be the measure of success or failure.