Throughout history miracles have had a dramatic and significant impact on the affairs of “man” (mankind, both man and woman).  Man longs for God’s supernatural intervention in their lives.  This touch of God is a part of  God’s Spirit that He personally deposits deep within man’s soul.  A loving call, an insatiable desire and hunger of the redeemed out from His heart to man’s heart, “deep calleth unto deep.”  And God expects us to answer His call.  It is a call unto repentance, restoration, and salvation.  It is a call unto life, the life that is contained in the very heart and life of God.  It is a call to know Him and His ways.  Just the touch of His closeness sustains the hope and assurance that a loving God is personally involved with our daily human concerns.  A God of power and authority is ever standing at the gates of our heart and soul knocking, ever ready to touch our human failures and heal our lack with His plenty.  Praise God, for His love is ever overshadowing and uplifting our souls.  The God of the harvest, from His store houses, stands at the ready to forgive us of our iniquity (translated from the Greek as lawlessness) and develop us so that we may be delivered from all unrighteous and disease.  “Who forgives all your iniquities (lawlessness), Who heals all your diseases.”  (Palms 103:3)