Deeper Truths for Hungry Hearts

September 2012 • Volume XI Number 01

“But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 3:18)

Thoughts for Consideration

Greetings again my Brethren. With this edition of our newsletter God has allowed us to start our 11th year of publications (of which all can be found on our website) that goes deeper in the teaching of the word of God. Most Christian teaching today is on a surface level of our sins being forgiven (which is wonderful and a must in our lives if we are going to go on with the LORD), but the LORD has so much more than salvation for us. For us to be able to behold the glory of God we must go to the school of the Spirit of God to learn the lessons that enable spiritual growth and development, through God’s dealings and judgments in our lives. Many ask what in your writings do you offer and my reply is spiritual growth and development God’s major objective in our lives. God brought a certain young preacher into my life and at first we hit it off, but as I started sharing some deeper truths (which he really liked) with him he grew cold in our relationship and now seldom (if any) calls or emails.

I offered him a step (which is down in God) into the deeper things of God, but he chose the nominal religious way. God’s ways are always down; death to our pride, arrogance, and presumption whereby people pat us on the back and tell us how wonderful we are. God’s ways are not the way of big crowds and much done oh no God’s way is the way of the cross; death to our flesh and coming to know God and His ways. Truth has that effect in our lives. Truth always cuts through the baloney in our lies and all of our misgivings about our self and lays open our heart before us and the world to see. Those that are of the truth can easily see who are not of the truth. A spiritual man knows another spiritual man and the opposite of that is true. One thing I have valued most precious in my many years of ministry is not being controlled by men whereby having to answer to them for what I feel God was saying to do.

Even when I pastored in Germany I had a wonderful counsel of men (whom I still love) who helped me run the church providing spiritual insight and practical knowledge. Solomon tells us, “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.’ (Proverbs 11:14), but counsellors have no responsibility and accountability before God unless a pastor delegates it. Even with the delegation to the counsel God still holds the pastor responsible and accountable for the spiritual and physical welfare of the church. I know many denominations today have deacon and/or elder boards to run the church, but nowhere in the Bible does God give the responsibility, accountability, or authority to a board of people (some churches use ladies which is wrong) to oversee the pastor’s running of the church.

Sadly we have the Ten Commandments today because Moses did not do what God directed him to do, “you judge the people.” To be led by the Holy Spirit or men is our choice. Often we put ourselves in positions where we know up front the outcome of our choice is to submit to men. This is not a spiritual authority submission as a person in the church summits to the leadership or when we submit to civil authorities, but a wilful submission and relinquish of their authority from God. Paul also knew this point all too well and fought, all of his life, not to give up this place of spiritual authority. In Galatians we read, “For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ. 11But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man. 12For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 1:10) Paul answered his own question, “for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.” Either we will minister out from pleasing men or by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Next month we will talk about some privileges enjoyed by man in our relationship with God and then the following month we will wrap up this teaching on the knowledge of God. Not the head knowledge, but the heartfelt intimate knowledge of knowing a loving God through His ways. I think as the LORD leads I will start a new teaching on “The Call of God” – can you hear it?


Knowing God Through His Word

When I was a little boy I would sing, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and I believed it until some words struck hard at my heart and I crumbled beneath the load of hurt. My friends in reality words hurt more than sticks and stones. Bones and flesh can be easily splinted and repaired, but once our heart is damaged only God can do the healing. We must be careful to speak words that are of God (even if they are stern and hard) because they ultimately and in time build up and edify our friends and acquaintances. I think if James and Paul were alive today they would not be well received by the church because their words were too hard and cutting at our flesh to be called loving and kind. Today we seem to go after John the beloved type of fluffy words. We often think our words have to be soft and fuzzy to be full of love and kindness, but you know soft and fuzzy words rarely have a positive change for our betterment. Most often it is those strong, stern, and cutting words that move us to a place of spiritual improvement, growth, and maturity. Often it is those cold and prickly words that rub us the wrong way that seems to energize the Holy Spirit and gets us thinking and soul searching as David said, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: 24And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” (Psalm 139:23-24) I wonder why we most often like to hear warm flattering words that stroke our ego or words that pat us on the back?

One would think God is trying to make us happy, well my friend God is not trying to make us happy, rich, popular, or successful as many in the church teach, but has started something in the Book of Genesis and has not changed His mind, God is still in the process of creating man into His own image and will do everything we allow Him to do to bring this process to completion. One of the greatest truths I seem to continue to learn about myself is out of our mouth speaks our heart. Please notice knowing or not knowing the truth is evident of what is in our heart and by our words that come rolling out of our mouth. “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” (Luke 6:45) Now I love my wife very much and she loves me, but there are times when we do not see eye to eye on some issues.

During these times getting the words “I love you” to easily roll off my tongue can be a challenge, but when all is well with her and the Lord words to show my eternal thankfulness and gratitude slip off my tongue with ease. If we really love (agape) someone we will say we love them without realizing it. Our words of praise and dedication become automatic as natural as breathing. Make no mistake, have it be a good or evil treasure it will be seen as it comes out our mouth. We also see this process in the way we live our individual lives. Understanding correctly and applying truth makes up the way we live our lives. Our understanding correctly and applying truth is always the foundation of our lives. From our understanding (not applying yet) truth we develop our precepts; a maxim, original individual bits of truth that govern our ideas, thoughts, and intentions. And from our precepts we get our concepts; the way our ideas, thoughts and intentions are executed.

It is important to know if our precepts are wrong then our concepts also will be wrong. If our understanding is wrong in areas then our application in these areas also will be wrong. It is no wonder many in the world and in the church today are wayward and off track, their original individual bits of truth (precepts) is wrong, they did not lay a correct understanding to truth and everything built on this wrong thinking also is wrong. Never forget our precepts and concepts come from our truth. I hear so many Christians say they know the truth, but their words, doctrine (what they believe), and lives do not match up with the words of Jesus and the words in the Bible. When Jesus stood at Pilate’s judgment seat, Pilate asked him (like many Christians and non-Christians today) “Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice. 38Pilate saith unto him, What is truth?” (John 18:37-38)

Truth is not what we believe is true or even what we want to believe is true, but has been settled in heaven for all times. Truth is always from God’s perspective and always progressive. Truth is eternal and has already been spoken and for those who have the Spirit of God dwelling in them this spoken word can speak to our heart with a newness and freshness of life. There are two types of truth written and spoken, both born of the Holy Spirit. Written (the Bible) is general and applies to everyone, but spoken is personal, intimate, and applies individually. We cannot serve God correctly unless we have the ability in God to access both veins of truth this too is another reason why we have so many denominations in the world today. Most major denominations and religions do not believe God through His precious Holy Spirit speaks to us while others go over board and believe God speaks to them about every little thing. Many denominations pay lip service to the Holy Spirit as being involved in our day-to-day lives and the church, but when it is all said and done the functioning and real power (Act 1:8) of the Holy Spirit is left laying on the ground in favor of traditions and doctrines of men by most denominations.

As previously stated both types of truth are from the Holy Spirit and I think we do well in understanding the Bible being the written type of truth, after all most if not all major denominations use some version of the Bible. But the spoken type of truth (God speaking to our heart) often is misunderstood and by some totally rejected missing out on the God of the universe personally and in an imitate way speaking to them. In short, spoken truth is what God speaks to our heart. In Romans we read Paul sharing this truth with us, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17 (KJV)) But in the Greek text we get a better feel for what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us, “So then faith by hearing a word from God.” (Romans 10:17 (Greek)) Now is the KJV of Romans 10:17 wrong? Absolutely not! The word “cometh” was added by the translators to complete the thought and has not changed the meaning of the verse. However, the Greek text has a different and more complete meaning. Often words do get in the way. Here faith comes by hearing a word (spoken) from God. In the late 80s and early 90s many Christians in the church would ride around in cars or run with their walkman listening to the Bible on tape or CD and expect to get faith, well my friend faith comes to us when we hear God speak a word to us.

If we could get faith by listening to the Bible on tape or a CD there would be no need for God’s work in our lives or God speaking to us. Sadly many people sit in churches around the world listening to sermon after sermon on Sundays (and maybe Wednesdays) and leave with no faith, but when God speaks a word and we hear it, faith is birthed in us. For in the word spoken, faith and all we will ever need to do what God wants us to do is contained. In the hearing and receiving of God’s word to us we can move in power and authority. Even in the ministering of God’s written word this process of receiving God’s spoken word is critical, the difference is the difference between receiving God’s life or ministering man’s doctrines and traditions of death in the church. There is a process of receiving God’s word that a Godly man must endure to be able to speak words of life and not death. Like all things of God this process starts and ends with communion with God. Many Christians say they have no power or authority in God, well these come by way of communion with God. No communion (spending time with Him alone) with God no power or authority (revelation) in God. Never forget God measures us not by how many miracles we can do by the Spirit or how long we can speak in tongues or fast, but by how much revelation we possess about God. Revelation is God’s measuring stick to how much we look like His precious Son.

After time spent in communion God will lay a burden to minister the word on us. This burden is only released when we deliver the word God has put in our heart, until then we carry it in our spirit waiting for our obedience to discharge it. Next while we are alone with the Lord we will experience quick, brilliant flashes of light (sometimes before our eyes) in our spirit and mind. These enlightenments are hard to hold in our thinking, but are the revelation the beginning to the words we are to share with the people. Before these revelations become words they must first transfer into thoughts. I really like this phase a lot. As I ride down the road with Karen or while alone with God I get these thoughts and as I mediate on them (many for years) these thoughts are turned into words; first external words many words (usually in the form of written notes and the like) and then internal words, a few words are produced in my spirit. These are the words God is after in us ministering to the people. When I first started ministering God’s word, I would have pages of notes and would read them more in an expository format, but as time went on my notes became less and less and God’s Spirit because more and more in my delivery. God can use a few words to speak volumes to our heart.

As we can see God’s two types of truth is woven together and cannot be separated. Written truth is the word of God (the Bible) and what makes it true is what the author was saying through the written words the Holy Spirit used to capture the authors thoughts. The truth of the written word of God is contained in the written words not in what we think it is saying or what we spin the words to be, but what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church then and now to us. To understand (and lay those correct precepts so that our concepts will also be correct) the written word of God we must study the individual words in the Bible for the truth is contained in the words. This too is why the statement, what we do with the Bible we do with Jesus, is true. When we arbitrarily change the word of God; so that we can read it better, do not agree with the way it is worded, or worse disagree with it is saying we are changing Jesus. For us to understanding God’s written word (the Bible) we must dig out the treasures buried in each word that the Holy Spirit draws our attention to and to do this we must go backwards in translation to study the Bible; back to the Greek and Hebrew and this is why it is almost impossible to use the NIV and other versions of the Bible.

Now please do not think I am saying you cannot use the NIV (or other translations, this is your choice) and be a Christian, but I am saying you will not be able to study the Bible as Paul instructed Timothy. What I am saying is the KJV must be the beginning point and compared backward to really understand what God is speaking to His Children. We can see with the example with Romans 10:17, there is a difference. With a change of one or two words (adding or omitting) in a verse the meaning of that verse can be changed and truth can be lost. We see this in Luke when Jesus at age 12 was teaching the Teachers in the Temple when Joseph and Mary found Him He explained, “And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” (Luke 2:49) If you look at the Greek text of Luke 2:49, you will not find the word “business” it was added by the translator. Even Dr. Strong tried to mend it my giving “Father’s” and “business” with the same number #3962 for each words. But Jesus was saying something more powerful and exciting. Jesus was not saying He had to be about doing the “business” of His Father, but was saying it was time for Him to be about being or becoming His Father. Do you see the difference? All throughout the Gospels Jesus would say, He does nothing of Himself, except for what the Father tells Him to do and say (John 5:19, 12:49) and of Himself He has no power, except what the Father gives Him (John 8:27, 14:10).

Even at age 12 Jesus knew He had to be about becoming like His Father, He would send Him to earth to give His life. My friend do you not think it is time for us to begin to look like our Father? Another error we can make when reading the Bible is transposing word meanings of today over the written words of God. For example in Galatians (also in Romans and Ephesians) we read, “To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.” (Galatians 4:5) Here we read the word “adoption” and think of the 21 Century meaning of to take another’s child into your home, well this is not the meaning the Holy Spirit is expressing. The “adoption of sons” is a Jewish custom, a three day feast the father holds for the son AFTER the son completes his training and schooling. Now (and only after his training) the son can speak for the father in all affairs of the family. So too when we complete a phase of our training and schooling the Father adopts us as children and not until. Until then we are a bastard (spiritually) in school learning the lessons God has for us to learn. Another example is in Hebrews we read, “Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.” (Hebrews 4:13) Here we read the word “naked” and over lay our thinking of someone being without clothing, well this is not what the writer of Hebrews (I believe to be Paul) was expressing. Here the word “naked” was referring to a gladiator submission hold of death, called the “naked hold.”

All good citizens would go to the gladiator games and cheer their favorite gladiator. They were given almost a god like status and knew their moves and holds. And they also knew once a gladiator got the other gladiator in the “naked hold” the contest was over with a little pressure of his forearms he would crack the neck of his captive. While in the submission hold all the captive gladiator could do is look up in the eyes of the one that held him and hope for the favor and grace of the people or a swift and painless death. The writer of Hebrews knew the people knew of this submission hold and expressed the thought of how the Holy Spirit holds us too in this naked hold and with a little pressure He presses us into submission and even death to our selfishness and self-life. All we can do is look up into the eyes of our captor and hope for mercy and grace.

How can we say we know God and His ways and do not handle His word correctly? What we do with God’s word (both written and spoken) is what we do with God. My friend let us handle God’s word (both written and spoken) with understanding and significance. I see in my life often I am casual with my approach to His written word after all I know this verse or that verse, but later I can see my casual approach to His spoken word to me. Oh Lord please forgive me of this familiarity. They say familiarity breeds contempt. Oh how I can see (if we have eyes to see) this dangerous shift when I think all is well. We must never get comfortable with God, but always allow Him to be sovereign and holy. How shall we come to know God, through His blessings and gifts? I think not. Maybe through our singing and dancing or service and money we give Him? No I think not. We come to know God through His dealings and judgments in our lives, as we walk with Him and talk with Him. And yes through His written and spoken word as He speaks to our heart sweet words of instruction and encouragement guiding us into all truths.

Written by David Stahl


A Room Full of Them

I recently read “In God’s Underground” by Richard Wurmbrand. In the book he relates an experience that he had while in prison. The communists were grouping the prisoners by like: intellectuals in one cell, military men in another cell, clergy in another cell, and etc.etc. Pastor Wurmbrand was tossed in a cell with all the clergy. I was rather surprised by the way they all kept their separateness when they had prayer time; Catholics in one corner, Orthodox another corner, Jehovah Witness up on the top bunks, and other religions below. I thought (before I read further) that since they were all treated pretty much the same way that they’d all get along focusing on the shared experiences and not so much the religious differences. Boy was I wrong, nothing has changed! We still focus on our differences not on our Jesus, which is SUPPOSED to be the one thing that binds all true believers together in Jesus Christ. Paul taught the church at Ephesus and us today, “There is one body, and one Spirit even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” (Ephesians 4:4-6) yet this is not the image of the Body of Christ today we see in the world. Religions and Christian denominations around the world have their own rules and regulations (taken from the Bible) and their own version of Christ and the way they think He wants things to go. But that is not what Paul taught, “One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all” what happened?

Although the clergy managed to live together in the cell without killing each other it took quite a bit of work to get along and much inner strength to keep one’s opinions to oneself. Upon further reading when the communists stepped up their efforts to brain wash the prisoners with; lectures, meetings, spiking the food with aphrodisiacs, blaring propaganda on loud speakers, making outlandish promises, and threats of persecution (we all like saving our own skin) the clergy’s cell became “one” in a sense with the self-sacrificing and renewed faith they experienced. Could persecution in the future kindle a renewal back to God? After all it was persecution that fanned the flames of the Gospel from Jerusalem to all around the world. But here is the question why must it take something horrible for Christians to unite? How much more good could we do if the religions and Christian denominations work together on spreading this wondrous Gospel message and humanitarian projects? Can we not put aside our differences and work towards a common goal? There are very few Believers that can look past their own religion and/or Christian denomination and someone else’s religion or denomination to work with them. We have been taught for many years to be fractured and to be divided from others because they do not believe like us is of God, well this is my friend is a lie. The absolutes: the death, the burial, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ must be the gold standard that binds us together in the Spirit, but other things the optional things that revolve around the petty traditions and rituals of men must never separate us out.

One scripture that has left a great impression on me, all of my life, from Proverbs may have explained the change of heart with the clergy. “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.” (Proverbs 24:10) For most of my life my strength in God was small and I know in the future we will have to depend on other brothers and sisters in the faith to help us along and we most definitely must be grounded and strong in God.

Written by Karen Stahl



1. In Silistra, Bulgaria Pastor(s) Niki Marsov and Emil Nedelchev. Times are troubled in Bulgaria and need much prayer.
2. Constanta, Romania Pastor George Ritisan at Lighthouse Church, and Ciprian Bozdod at the Mission Bible School. They too are expanding making more room for God and ministry to Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Asia.
3. In Suceava, Romania Pastors Nicu and Pastor Marcel at St. Andrews Church.
4. Pastor Joseph Mutua in Nairobi, Kenya needs your prayer and financial support.
5. Pastor Mike Olufemi in Aveile, Nigeria. He needs our prayers and support to be a light in great darkness.
6. Pastor S. J. Peter, Founder of DAWN Ministries in Hyderabad and Pastor Wilson and his son Pastor Julian in Sankaraguptham, India.
7. Pastor Metin Mintaz and the members of Uskudar Son Buyruk Kilisesi in Istanbul, Turkey.
8. Pastor Elieti Msangi in Dar Es Salaam and Pastors Isreal Mutaitina and John Balone in Bukoba, Tanzania.
9. Monthly financial support Vivian’s Maternity and Child Care Clinic project in Aviele, Nigeria.
10. Pastor Tek Dahl at Gethsemane, Church (his church) and their radio station “Good News 105.1 FM” in Kathmandu, Nepal.
11. Bishop John, Samuel Kamanzi (from the Congo), and, Emmanuel Ndolimana in Ruhengeli, Rwanda.


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