“Pictured is Miss Usha Bista sitting on top of Mt. Everest (elevation 29,029 ft) on the top of the world.  They asked her why she climbed to the top of the world and she said “I wanted Jesus to be on top of the world.” This was 2 years after her conversion to Christ.  BREAKING NEWS:  Goodnews FM 105.1 has purchased a radio station in Pokhara, Nepal.

Please keep Goodnews FM 105.1, the radio station in Pokhara, and the people of Nepal in your prayers.”         

 Please remember the financial support needed for the radio station equipment from FBN for Katmandu, Nepal and the Bible School in Ruhengeli, Rwanda;  contact us for details.

View the below gallery of Good News FM 105.1 on top of the world and others!