When I think of the depth of this book my teacher and mentor Charles Haun comes to mind. As we would move from duty station to duty station, Charles would find time to stop and spend time with us. When he would open up the word of God at our family devotions or at the church we were attending, “Did not our heart burn within us . . ” (Luke 24:32). I will never forget our last conversation. I could hear his failing health in his voice. So I asked if he had any words of wisdom for me. He kind of paused and said, “Just give them Jesus and your will do fine.” And then he said, “Just go along for the ride, I love you” then hung up. Well now, I thought I understood his words that day, but 12 years later I am just now coming to realize the impact of his word in my life and ministry. You know we can work and do all for God and never know Him. How could this be? In God is not what we have done that counts, but how we do things. What is our intentions and motives? When we allow God to work this process of the word in us, whereby we come to know Him, we also come to the realization our good works cannot save us. It is these “Thoughts (along the process mentioned in this book) for Consideration” we get to come to know God. It is these “thoughts” that is the heart and life of God to us and the world. Take heart and take heed the road is long, not for the faint, courage is required and most of all obedience and integrity will be the measure of success or failure.