Below is the presentation from our recent trip to Czech Republic and Poland.  When you get to the information slides (3rd and 4th) please take a good look at the numbers of people in Czech and Poland who do not care about a holy God (it is shocking), but it’s what the Bible predicts.  We had a great trip.  Getting there and coming back was a real challenge, but being there our flesh said, “go home,” ah . . .  but our spirit said, “stay just a little longer.” 

The second presentation “What is God Doing” was shared in the Czech Republic.

I believe, “Look up, the beginning of the end has started.  I do not know when, but it has started.” 

Much honor and much love to you, my dear friends.

Poland & Czech Republic Presentation:

Poland & Czech Republic 2024

What is God Doing? Presented in Czech Republic: